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Abnoos Resin Co., the first manufacturer of glass, Industrial oil and ceramic colors in Iran since 1997, has started its official production. Abnoos Resin has quickly emerged as the reliable local supplier for paint and resin consumers in the glass and ceramic industry.
We are proud to announce that Abnoos Resin is one of creative manufacturer as glass and ceramic paints in decorative and industrial applications. We are one of the country's top brands in the industry, which has always been in place for its quality, innovation, and value.
The company, with emphasis on durability of products, responsible responses to commodity production and the development of new processes, with the least destructive effects on nature, continues to be in the field of environmental solutions, and their green according to the fan New products come in line with nature.
The company has committed many years before and after the establishment of many research programs in the field of Vienna technology and printing oils, from the time of production to the present due to the quality and superiority of its products, as a substitute for the materials The same imports are approved by many domestic interiors.
Today, the demand for ceramic and glass dyes is increasing, especially for glasses used in the decoration and home appliance industry. As a market leader in Iran, the company exclusively has painted dyes in various colors. Lucky features and low furnace features for use on porcelain, ceramics and fine glass with direct and direct printing, or spray.


Abnoos Resin Co., proud to supply needs dozens of glass and ceramic factories and workshopsas as a one of the pioneers in the field of ceramic paint production.; has provided its services specialized in the production of printing paste for the purpose of decorating glass and porcelain containers and industrial and building security glass, due to the wide range of applications.

The following are companies listed by Abnoos Resin Proud as a supplier of ceramic paints:

  • Jaam Imen glassmakers manufacturing company
  • Kar Glass production company
  • Maghsood Dishes manufacturing complex
  • Glassto decal company
  • SAIPA Glass manufacturing company
  • Iranian Azin Jaam production company
  • Arian Glass production company
  • Asa Glass production company
  • Espidar Dishes company

And many other manufacturers who works in industries such as Decal production, Glass containers, Sekurit Glass and etc ... .


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The printing properties of the oil used to dilute the dough should be determined ...
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The 6000 series is a ceramic glaze series with a boiling temperature of 750-850 ...
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Tehran office
Address: Unit 21, 4th Floor(Eastern), No 329, Bahonar Ave, Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98-21-26854005-8
Fax: +98-21-26854005-8

Mashhad Office
Address: Unit C11, 7th Floor, Paj Building, Janbaz Sqr, Mashhad, Iran


Address: Pardis Highway, Khoramdasht, Industrial Complex

Email: Info@abnoosgroup.com 


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Abnoos Engineering Group has more than 25 years of experience in the production and implementation of various colors and coatings for use in various fields, including oil, gas, petrochemical, machine building, construction, glass, decal and etc .. 

Abnoos Engineering Group is a dynamic group that puts its quality and customer orientation at the forefront of its activities, and the commitment of the group to honesty and deliver the products of the highest quality underpinned by its success. It is the leading environmental solutions and emphasizing the durability and durability of its products, the production of all coatings and the development of its new processes with the least destructive effects on nature. Honoring this collection with the expertise of experienced professionals.

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