Fire Protection Systems

One of the most important phase in building design is to provide fire safety. Protecting buildings against fire in terms of human life, financial, and national security is one of the most urgent requirements for the design and implementation of buildings. In order to provide safety and retrofit of the building against fire, it is necessary to use the appropriate materials in the structure and construction of the building. Therefore, the designer must be aware of the properties of building materials and fire protection systems and make the appropriate selection in accordance with the specifications of the building. Also, the strength of the structural elements must be in accordance with the building regulations and codes. For this purpose, in many cases, it is necessary to use protective coatings to reinforce the building components against fire. The safety requirements of buildings against fire have two goals: life safety and financial safety. In simple words it can be said that the safety of life is achieved by protecting people against smoke and financial safety by controlling the heat from the fire exposed to building­.

In recent years, Abnoos Engineering Group has been able to set up a technical and operational unit for fire protection systems with the aim of providing standard materials, designing and specializing in civil steel structures. We provide all our fire-protection material and products from reputable companies which their products meet international standards.

In the design of fire protection systems, Abnoos Group follows the principles and rules adopted by the supplier company, as well as the Fire Department and BHRC (Road, Housing and Development Research Centre) as the trustees. Including:

  • Chapter 3 National Building Regulations
  • BHRC Publication No.682 Building and Housing Research Center
  • BHRC Publication No.444 Building and Housing Research Center
  • BHRC Publication No.445 Research Center for Building and Housing
  • Publication No.112 Ministry of Roads and Urban Development


The implementation of various industrial coatings in public and private projects, along with the satisfaction of employers, has been one of the honors of our expert team.

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Another type of fire-resistive coating is Intumescent paint. Intumescent paints ...
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Fire resistant boards contain fire resistant minerals. These boards are in the f ...
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