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Colors in addition to creating a beautiful environment, is used to protect objects from natural agents and causal factors such as impacts, scratches, abrasions, chemicals, solvents, atmospheric climate and etc. And usually they also cover the surface of a visible object In addition to protective cover with decorative paint color.

In 1369, with the launch of Sahand Painting Factory located in Fadayan –e – ​​Islam , the company began its activities in the field of manufacturing  of industrial and protective colors more than two decades of its products according to the BS, ASTM and IPS global standards for the use of Gon Dakan Provides industrial colors in various industries. The company is now proud to build, consult and supervise the implementation of a corrosion resistant coating system for petrochemical, oil and gas projects and industry, relying on its specialist and laboratory and production facilities.
The production process is carefully controlled at each stage, and the color spectra are produced individually based on the rull drawing.



This group of colors with the polyamine and polyamide properties, such as resist ...
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The polyurethane foam paint is presented as the final layer on the metal surface ...
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Acrylic resins are divided into two groups of oil solvent base and water solvent ...
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Proper gloss, long shade and gloss stability are distinguished from other colors ...
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The coating is based on two components of resin and hardener, and is very good a ...
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Abnoos Engineering Group has more than 25 years of experience in the production and implementation of various colors and coatings for use in various fields, including oil, gas, petrochemical, machine building, construction, glass, decal and etc .. 

Abnoos Engineering Group is a dynamic group that puts its quality and customer orientation at the forefront of its activities, and the commitment of the group to honesty and deliver the products of the highest quality underpinned by its success. It is the leading environmental solutions and emphasizing the durability and durability of its products, the production of all coatings and the development of its new processes with the least destructive effects on nature. Honoring this collection with the expertise of experienced professionals.

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